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Frequently Asked Questions On Chinese Visa

  1. Is an appointment required for a visa application?
    No appointment is required in San Jose office during our working hour (Mon-Fri 10am to 5pm). For our Livermore office you need to call before you visit us. For Saturday service is appointment only.
  2. Can I provide the embassy or consulate with a photocopy of my passport for visa application?
    No. You must provide your actual passport.
  3. My child is traveling to China with me. He cannot sign his name on his application; can I sign it on his/her behalf?
    Yes. The parents/guardian are allowed to sign the application form instead of the child.
  4. I can't download your application form from the Internet, Can you e-mail me one?
    Yes. We can e-mail it to you. Or give us your fax number and we can fax one to you.
  5. I'm going to China on June 1, and my visa will expire on June 10. Can I still stay in China for 30 days?
    Yes. Usually, a Chinese visa is good for 90 days from the date of issuance, you can enter China any day Within the 90 days (please note the time difference between China and the U.S.); Duration of stay of a visa is usually 30 days (It is written in the visa label), you can stay in China for 30 days from the date of your entrance.
  6. Do I have to see a doctor to have the " Physical examination record for foreigner" filled out?
    This form is strictly for those who will study in China over 1 year. If you are to stay in China for less than one year, you don't have to see a doctor to fill it out.
  7. I am going to Guangdong, then to Hongkong and back to Guangdong for one night. Does it mean that I must have a double-entry visa?
    Absolutely. Double-entry visa means you can enter into mainland of China twice. Since you are going to Guangdong twice, you must have a multiple-entry visa. Now multiple-entry visa is same price as sign-entry visa.
  8. Can I mail my application to your office?
    No problem. For security concern, trackable mail will be highly recommended (FedEx, UPS, DHL, Post Office Express Mail, Priority Mail with Delivery Confirmation, or Certified Mail only). And for return mail, we charge Shipping & Handling $5 for regular delivery: 3-5 days and $20 for Express delivery: 2 days.
  9. I am wondering whether you have received my application. Can I call you to check the status of my application?
    Sure, if you didn't received our confirmation of received your passport via Email or phone call 5 working days after you mail us the application, please give us a call to find out the status.