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Taiwan Document Forms

Taiwan Document Services: (Start from $75 per document included translation & Notary fee)

We can help you translate (from English to Traditional Chinese) and notarize the Documents need to be authenticated at Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in San Francisco.

  • Birth certificate  在美國出生,
  • Death certificate 美國死亡,
  • Immunization/vaccination records 美國疫苗接種記,
  • Marriage certificate 美國結婚證書翻譯,
  • Divorce decree 美國離婚証明翻譯公證,

We Can also help translate below Taiwan document from Chinese to English.

  • Taiwan Household Registry transcript 台灣戶籍謄本,
  • Birth Certificate and records 台灣出生證明,
  • Vaccination records 台灣預防疫苗接種紀,
  • Marriage Certificate 台灣結婚證書,

Translation Procedure:

1) Please fax (408-636-1628) or email ([email protected]) your document to us.
2) Our Translator will review your documents and give you a call to confirm the order,
The rate quotation will base on the length and complexity of the document.
3) After the Translator finished the translation, our Notary Public will notarize the affidavit of translator.
4) After we finished the above step we will call you to schedule a appointment to pick up the documents.

If you have any question, you can either call us at 1-800-959-1288 or visit our 1 of our 3 offices located in San Jose, Fremont or Livermore to discuss more detail.

If you need Mail In Process--Please fill out the mail in Order Form (download form)
(Shipping & Handling $8 for regular delivery: 3-5 days and $20 for Express delivery: 2 days)
* For security concern, trackable mail will be highly recommended (FedEx, UPS, DHL, Post Office Express Mail, Priority Mail with Delivery Confirmation, or Certified Mail only).  If you choose to use USPS Regular Mail or Priority Mail without confirmation to send passport(s), we are not responsible for lost mail and lost document(s).

We can help you notarize below form that you used in Taiwan:

We can also help you bring Business Document to the Taipei Economic and Cultural Office for authentication.
1. Please fill up the
Application Form for Authentication.
2. Signed in front of a certified notary public.
3. Certified by the Secretary of the State in which the document is executed.
4. Authenticated by the
Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in San Francisco.